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Health insurance Lead generation

Health insurance Lead generation

Surveys show that about 80 percent of the entire United States population is already under one health insurance coverage or the other. And out of these people, about 60 percent receive their health insurance from their employer while 25 percent are insured by the government.

What this shows is that the health insurance industry has become very competitive. If you can generate a quality health insurance lead, the chances of converting the leads into customers significantly increase. One of the best ways you can generate quality leads for your company is by outsourcing the service. Here are the things you need to know about outsourcing health insurance lead generation.

What Does it Mean to Outsource Health Insurance Lead Generation? 

When you hire a marketing agency for your health insurance brand, you are basically adding a highly-trained group of marketing experts to your staff, and they help link the gap between health insurance and marketing. With outsourcing, you are adding to your staff without adding anyone to your payroll. Most importantly, you are adding so much more.

A reputable marketing company takes expertise in the art of marketing as well as understand the health insurance company’s need and customer to be effective. If you are considering health insurance lead generation, keep reading to learn why you should outsource your lead generation.

Reasons to Outsource Your Health Insurance Lead Generation

Saves you money: Outsourcing your health insurance lead generation can save money while increasing your team by only paying for results. Rather than the effort, time, and money you invest in training. This offers a great benefit over hiring an in-house marketing team in which the administration is only responsible for results, and your expenses are the same no matter the result.

Focus on other essential tasks: When you know that your lead generation marketing process is in good hands, you can focus on more important things. In the health insurance business, it is equally important to be updated with the latest health insurance policies. Moreover, you can focus on other areas of function, like management of the lead generated by the marketing company and sales conversion.

Apply best practices from other industries: When you outsource your health insurance lead generation, you gain access to a pool of marketing knowledge and talent from campaigns and projects of other industries.

Competent manpower: Another thing to consider about outsourcing health insurance lead generation is that you have competent people to manage your lead generation marketing campaign effectively. And this allows you to avoid the additional cost of hiring an in-house marketing team. 

Attract high-quality health insurance leads

At Magpie Marketing, our outstanding creative marketing team works hard to generate quality leads. We use the latest marketing strategies and make sure all requirements are met every single time. This ensures that you have the best possible experience and achieve a great return on investment.

Not only does an increase in sales help the bottom line, but great leads also help boost the morale of your sales reps. Contact Magpie Marketing today to schedule a time to talk to us about how we can help your health insurance company generate more leads.

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Health insurance Lead generation
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